For nearly 20 years, MDEC International has provided electronic engineering services to NASA at GSFC, Greenbelt, Maryland, and Langley Research Center, New Hampton, Virginia. Our R&D work included hardware, software and firmware for historic satellites like COBE (Cosmic Background Explorer) and Space Shuttle .
  • Scientific Instruments & Satellites
    Command & Data Handling Systems
    Attitude Control Systems
    Power Supply Electronics
    Housekeeping Electronics
    Detector Interfaces
    Instrument to Spacecraft Interfaces

  • GSE & Test Equipment
    Hardware/Software Design & Development
    Integration & Testing

  • Electronic Circuit Design & Development
    Microprocessor Based Systems
    Digital & Analog Circuits, ASICs & FPGAs
    Electro-mechanical, Opto-Electronic & others

  • Software Design & Development
    Scientific & Control Algorithms
    Flight Software
    Command & Telemetry firmware
    Diagnostics Software

  • CAD Development
    Electrical Circuit analysis & modeling
    Electronic Schematics & PCB layouts
    EMI/EMC analysis
    Mechanical Parts and Assemblies
    Thermal and Vibration Analysis

  • Fabrication, QA, Test & Integration
    Wire-Wrap and Printed Circuit Boards
    Prototypes & Test Equipment
    Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
    Balloon and Space Flight Hardware

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