Website… is a Marketing REVOLUTION! One of the best revolutions to happen in the marketing world is online or Web site marketing. With MDEC, the cost of developing and hosting a Web site is very small compared to the amount of money it can generate . Unlike other advertising media like direct mail, yellow pages, networking, etc., a web site works 24/7/365, the results are instant, and MDEC web designers can make changes in your website within 1-5 days rather than weeks, or months.

[Why You Need a Website]

You need a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Website

If your business has a website and it is not Search Engine optimized, it simply means that your potential customers will not be able to find your site when they do the search using search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

MDEC web designers & programmers have extensive experience designing websites that are both User - Friendly and SE -Friendly . A deep understanding of what processes are used by search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) to find and select a website (when a potential customer enters a set of keywords) differentiates MDEC International from its competition.

What is SEO?
The Search Engine Optimization (SEO), sometimes called Website Optimization, is a relatively new field and most people don't even recognize the name. The SEO consists of a number of processes manually applied to your website over a period of time with the primary objective of making your site SE - Friendly .

The websites designed by most companies today are only user-friendly, which simply means that when a visitor arrives at your site, the information is presented to him in a way to make it easy to understand. However, the most difficult marketing challenge facing you (the website owner) is how to advertise to millions of potential customers globally, or a targeted group of customers in a local geographical area.

Most people now-a-days go to a search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, and enter a few intuitive keywords to find a vendor. At that point, it is up to the search engine to use its built-in software algorithms and find a handful of websites most closely related to the keywords. If the website design company does not understand how the search engine algorithms work, the potential customers will NEVER find your site .

The search engines and your customers will find your website more easily…

… if it is designed by MDEC International.

Major benefits of SEO

  • SEO helps your potential customers to find your website more easily when they do online search using Search Engines
  • It increases your business and generates more income
  • It maintains your ranking in all global search engines including Google, yahoo, Bing, Rediff, khoj, Ask and many more
  • It increases your site value as compared to your competitors
  • SEO ensures that your website is designed to meet the international Website Design Standards

MDEC Website Services

MDEC International offers two basic Website Design options to its customers.

Standard Template Based Website… Starting at $495

(This price is applicable in USA & Canada . For prices in other countries, please contact us.)
This is a low cost option for customers with limited budgets. The template consists of 5 standard Pages:

  • Home Page
  • Products
  • Services
  • About Us
  • Contact Us

For this basic website, the final ready-to-publish text and images are provided by our customers. Our team creates a LOGO, selects Color Scheme based on your type of business, does the basic proof-reading to correct mistakes in the text, inserts text and images, and publish the web site.

Note: This website can easily be converted to a Custom Website by our programmers.

We offer complete MONEY BACK guarantee. If you don't like our design, we will correct it to make you satisfied, or refund your money.


Custom Website Services

We highly recommend custom website designs, where our team gets deeply involved. The custom websites do a much better job of marketing your business products & services, and acquiring new clients. Custom sites are also Search Engine Optimized (SEO), which means that when your potential clients go to Google etc. and do the search, they find your site more easily.

Our experienced consultants in the U.S. and India will evaluate your organization's needs to create a website that meets your strategic objectives. Once your website architecture is complete, our India office graphics designers and programmers create a website as unique as your organization. MDEC consultants in the US review and edit the website, and get your approval before publishing it to the world-wide-web. Since the labor cost in India is much lower than the U.S., your total cost for developing the website is also lower.

Our custom website services include:

  • Creating a qualified DOMAIN NAME for the site
  • Creating a LOGO and Color Scheme for the site
  • Doing web search and registering the DOMAIN NAME of the site
  • Register new site with leading SEARCH ENGINES worldwide
  • Creating and registering KEY WORDS for customers to intuitively search and find your site
  • Searching/Selecting, Creating/Editing pictures, illustrations and clip-art
  • Creating/Editing Flash images, Animation, Custom Images
  • Shooting/Creating/Editing video clips
  • Website Page-Layout & Graphics design
  • Editing/modifying text content provided by customer
  • Authoring Publish-Ready text from verbal description given by the customer
  • Creating Shopping Cart for online purchasing
  • Creating Credit Card and Pay Pal accounts
  • Marketing Review and Modifications of the website
  • Web Programming - XML, HTML, JavaScript & VbScript
  • Back-end programming using Microsoft's .NET technology, VB.Net, ASP.Net, MySQL and MS SQL 2005 Databases

MDEC's SEO Services

  • Directory Submissions Service (there are more than 1 million directories on the Internet world-wide, and the list is growing daily)
  • Link Building/Exchange Service with other websites
  • Blog Posting + Submission Service (there are more than 100,000 blogs on the Internet world-wide, and the list is growing daily)
  • Submit articles regarding your business, products & services to relevant Newspapers/Online Groups etc.