Innovative technical solutions which are practical to implement in a competitive business world have been the foundation of MDEC International. For 30+ years, MDEC’s founder has developed patented and proprietary technologies for organizations like NASA, 3M, Honeywell and MDEC. He is the sole inventor of P2P Network technology (U.S. patent no. 7,613,620) and has many pending patents.

A patent dramatically increases the value of a technology and will protect your company business from future competition for 20 years. Most engineers and programmers who develop new products do not have experience and mind-set of an inventor to foresee that their technical solutions can be patented.

MDEC’s founder has the talent and experience of creating innovative solutions for technical, business and consumer problems. He has deep understanding of U.S. patent laws and patent office’s MPEP (Manual of Patent Examining Procedure) regulations. His years of experience have enabled MDEC to conduct complete patent prosecution process without a patent attorney.

When hired as a patent consultant, he will:

  • Interact with your managers, engineers and programmers to identify patentable ideas
  • Evaluate your products/services and invent patentable methods, apparatus, systems and technologies
  • Conduct complete patent prosecution process (without attorneys) including:
    • U.S. and international prior art search (done by MDEC staff)
    • Writing and submitting provisional, final and international patent applications
    • Writing claims – the most important part of a patent
    • Conduct interviews with the patent examiner
    • Prepare and submit responses to examiner’s Office Actions by carefully modifying claims
    • Prepare and submit Continuation Application, Divisional Application, Request for Continued Examination (RCE) and Prioritized patent applications
    • Refute examiner’s claim rejections by citing MPEP regulations and prior court cases
    • Deep understanding of U.S. patent laws

  • Define new products/services based on new inventions
  • Conduct feasibility studies including risk/financial analysis and evaluating competition
  • Evaluate commercial technologies needed to implement new products/services
  • Create Business Plans for new products/services: business models, pricing, marketing strategies etc.
  • Prepare and give presentations to investors/customers