MDEC Fail-Safe IT Solutions… for Business Continuity & Data Protection!!!

Is your business depending on a SINGLE Server?
Manual/Scheduled Backups?

You are taking BIG Risks!!!

More than 90% small businesses (and many midsize businesses) around the globe only have one Server in their office, and all business data is stored on this Server. Most of the critical business software applications have provision for either manual backup , or scheduled backup , which is performed daily/weekly. The backup of critical applications is done on an external device such as a USB flash memory drive, a hard drive, a tape drive, or another computer.

Non-critical documents such as Microsoft Word, excel, Word Perfect, emails, PDF files, scanned images & pictures etc. (referred as unstructured information in the industry) are left up to the individual users for backup. And users are all human…!They forget to backup regularly... or most of the time are too busy to find time for boring manual backup process.

Risk of a Single Server… the Single-Point-Failure! 

If you have only one Server in your office, it is the Single-Point-Failure for your business. And most business owners/managers are not even aware of this hidden risk. When your Server is up, everything is fine and your office is running smoothly. But if your Server crashes , it can spell a disaster . Since the Server controls the operation of your LAN (Local Area Network), your network stops functioning. Your employees are unable to do any work. There is panic in the office and it becomes an emergency . You call your network technician, who may not be available to come immediately. The panic and emergency remains in effect until the Server is fixed, or replaced. Your losses can be serious depending on the type of your business.

Risk of Manual and Scheduled Data Backup 
If your Server crashes and you are lucky, the data on the Server can be recovered. If not, and you have to restore the data from previous day's backup, you lose entire day's data which you may never be able to re-create again. You may estimate the losses to your business yourself!

Risk of not Storing Data Remotely 
In case of natural or man-made disasters such as fire, flood, lightning, Theft etc., along with other assets, you would also lose your most valuable asset forever – your business data . Under such circumstances, most of the organizations will go out-of-business.

You provide protection for your other assets… your office building, house, car, jewelry…! Don't you think… you need SOLID data protection for your organization?

MDEC Fail-Safe IT Solutions provide the PROTECTION for your business with Redundant Servers and Real-Time Auto Backup software!

On Site Fail-Safe Solution

If you have only one Sever in your office, MDEC technicians will install a second Server and setup your network for Dual-Redundant configuration. In this configuration, both Servers control the functioning of your network assuming the rolls of Domain Controllers, DNS Servers, WINS Servers etc. If one Server fails, the other Server continues to control the network operation providing business continuity for your office.

Our Real Time auto Backup software (RTB software) is installed on both the Servers. The RTB software continuously backs up data from the Primary Server to the Secondary Server as soon as data is entered by the users in your office. In case of a server failure, your data is available on the other server.

This fail-safe solution provides real-time data protection and business continuity for your office.

ON Site + Remote Fail-Safe Solution  

The On Site+Remote fail-safe solution has additional capabilities to connect to a Remote Server, and our RTB software backs up real-time data on the secondary Server as well as on the remote Server simultaneously. The remote Server may be located in your other office (not in the same building), or in MDEC Data Center . This configuration provides the ultimate protection from big disasters that would destroy the office building, campus or even the entire city.

Remember the Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans ( USA )? More than 6000 medical practices and thousands of other organizations went out-of-business . With remote data storage, they could have re-built their businesses.