Your customers need your Website!

In today’s high-tech world, customers expect any organization to have its own web site. A web site has become as common as a fax machine. If you don’t have a web site, customers feel that something is missing. Besides customer’s expectations, a web site will help you to harness all the benefits of the Internet. Building a presence on the web will enable you to efficiently market your company, products and services to anyone around the world.

Website… a Low Cost Multipurpose Business Tool

Your web site, designed by MDEC, will enable you to reach new customers and prospects across the globe and generate more revenue. Since customers have the freedom to get to know your organization without calling you, it helps you reduce your in house marketing and customer support staff. Since customers can print documents from your web site, it also reduces the cost of printing and distributing your organization’s literature. In today’s digital age, a web site is a powerful multipurpose business tool that takes minimal expense (with MDEC) to create and maintain, yet has the staying power to deliver long term returns. 


Your web site is ….

…A universal Advertising Tool. A web site has proved itself to be the most cost effective advertising tool to reach out to the customers and deliver your message. Customers all over the world can access your web site and learn about your products and services. Since the web site is available 24 hours a day, customers can view your products when they have free time. Since the web site is interactive, the customer has complete control over his viewing. Unlike the TV advertisements, it costs very little to advertise your products on the World Wide Web. When MDEC professionals design your web site, they register your web site with leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo for a fraction of the cost of one newspaper or TV advertisement.

...A Powerful Marketing Tool. A web site is a powerful marketing tool which enables your products to be displayed to a large and diversified population all over the world. Your web site adds and continually increases the list of your prospective buyers.

...A cost effective Sales Tool. It is an established saying that “better the web site, more you sell”. All the information about your products is available to your customer on your web site. You can always display your products on the web site and quote the prices. You can receive the payments through credit cards or Pay Pal and arrange the delivery of your products without having the customer to actually visit your place of business, thus saving time for both.

..An Effective Customer contact. In fact, the web site is directly comparable with your secretary/office manager, as it encourages potential customers to contact you by e-mail, fax or phone, to request information about your products and services, or to organize sale/purchase, and above all, helps your suppliers to get proper customer feedback.

...The Best Sales Representative. It provides the current product information and price list updates along with new services, incentives etc which can be made available as and when required with immediate effect.

...An Efficient Administrator. A web site also helps in maintaining a library of useful information to be made available to the online viewers, e.g., informing a customer about the current status of his purchase order or the account statement.

...A Proficient PRO. Web site also provides with downloadable data, forms and other useful information to its viewers. This helps establishing goodwill with the viewers on the Internet
...A Vigilant and Timely Customer Care Center. Web site can also help in providing a good ‘After Sales Support’ to the customers. This is done by providing the useful information online, and answering various queries posted by them on your website. This saves time and postage for both the customers and the providers.

At MDEC we assure you the best of the web site you expect from a professional organization

Website Development Process

MDEC’s experienced consultants in the US will evaluate your organization’s needs to create a website that meets your strategic objectives. Once your website architecture is completed, the information is e-mailed to MDEC’s development team in India, where the graphics designers and programmers create a website as unique as your organization. MDEC consultants in the US review and edit the website, and get your approval before publishing it to the world-wide-web. Since the labor cost in India is much lower than the US, your total cost for developing the website is also lower.

MDEC development team has the capability to register your website with more than 600 search engines worldwide. This will help customers all over the world to find your website, simply by typing a few keywords.

List of Website Services

  • Creating a qualified NAME for the site
  • Creating a LOGO for the site
  • Doing web search and registering the DOMAIN NAME of the site
  • Registering new site with leading SEARCH ENGINES worldwide
  • Creating and registering KEY WORDS for customers to intuitively search and find your site
  • Creating/Editing text content
  • Searching/Selecting, Creating/Editing pictures, illustrations and clip-art
  • Creating/Editing Flash files
  • Shooting/Searching/Editing video clips
  • Website Page-Layout/Graphics design
  • Creating Shopping Cart for online purchasing
  • Creating Credit Card and Pay Pal accounts
  • Marketing Review and Modifications of the website
  • Back-end programming using Microsoft’s .NET technology, VB.Net, ASP.Net, MySQL Database


List of Websites

Following is a sample list of Websites developed by MDEC’s staff in India: